The privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Described on this page are the ways in which the website is managed with reference to the processing of the personal data of users who consult it. Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl is aware of the importance of safeguarding personal data. Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl undertakes to respect the privacy of users and to treat the personal data that regard them carefully and confidentially. Said data will not be used for purposes other than those specified below. This information is provided to those who interact with the web services of Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no.196/2003 – Code for the protection of personal data. This Policy may be modified or updated in order to conform to the characteristics offered by Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl. This information is provided only with reference to the website of Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl and not to any other websites that may be consulted by users via links.

The consultation of this website may result in the processing of data regarding persons who have been or may be identified. The Data Controller is Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl, headquartered in Via Vasco de Gama, no. 25 - 50127 Florence.

When users fill out a feedback form, their data are processed in order for us to be able to respond to their comments or questions.

The processing of data in connection with the web services of this website takes place at the registered office mentioned above, and is carried out by staff authorised for this specific purpose. No information deriving from the web service will be transmitted or divulged.

Data on the use of the website.
The IT systems and software procedures for the functioning of this website acquire, under normal operating conditions, some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
Although not collected for association with specifically identified interests, said data, by their very nature, could, when processed and associated with data held by third parties, make it possible to identify users. Included in this category are the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used to log onto the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to present the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server and other parameters relating to the operating system and the computing environment of the user. These data are used solely to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to check it is working properly; said data are erased immediately after processing.

Data provided voluntarily by users.
The non-mandatory, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic mail to any addresses indicated on the Website involves the subsequent acquisition of the e-mail address of the sender, necessary in order to reply to the requests, and of any other personal data contained in the message.

The website uses cookies for the purpose of identifying users and in order to provide a better service. Cookies allow Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl to monitor and analyse the use of the website. Users are entitled not to accept cookies; in such cases, the website may not function correctly.

Users are under no obligation to provide the data requested to Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl; however, failure to do so may prevent Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl from dealing with and/or processing requests.

Personal data are processed in both paper and electronic format, for the amount of time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which said data were collected. Specific security measures are implemented to prevent the loss and unlawful or incorrect use of data and unauthorised access there to.

Subjects the personal data regard may, at any time, contact the data controller to exercise their rights as per article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, reported below. “Art. 7. Right of access to personal data and other rights – Interested parties are entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence or absence of personal data regarding them, even if said data have not been registered, and are entitled to access to them in an intelligible form.

Interested parties are entitled to obtain indications regarding:

a) the origin of the personal data;
b) the purposes for which the data are processed and the methods used;
c) the criteria applied for processing carried out with the aid of electronic tools;
d) the identification details of the data controller, data supervisors and appointed representative, pursuant to article 5, para. 2;
e) the subjects or categories of subjects to which the personal data may be transmitted or who may learn of the data in their role as an appointed representative in the country or as supervisors or appointed representatives.

Interested parties are entitled to obtain:

a) the updating or correction of the data or, where it is in their interests, the addition of further data;
b) the cancellation, anonymisation or blocking of data processed in breach of the law, including data not required to be kept for the purposes for which said data were collected or subsequently processed;
c) a declaration stating that the operations referred to at letters a) and b) above, and their content, have been notified to those to whom the data has been transmitted or disclosed, except where this proves impossible or requires the use of means that are clearly disproportionate to the right thereby protected.

Interested parties also have the right to refuse consent, wholly or partially, for:
                   a) the processing of personal data regarding them, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection, providing legitimate reasons for so doing exist ;
                   b) the processing of personal data regarding them for the purposes of sending advertising or direct sales material or for the purposes of market research or commercial communications.
1. General points – Purpose

1.1 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl owns and manages the website (hereinafter the “Website”) for the purpose of providing the following services: brokering, information, communication and web marketing.
1.2 The Website mainly provides:
- information and access to individual and group passenger transport, goods transport and logistics services, as well as services pertaining to the tourist sector.

2. Acceptance of the Conditions of Use

2.1 Access to the Website and the use thereof on the part of visitors ('Users') is subject to these Conditions of Use (hereinafter the 'Conditions'), and to any changes or additions that may be made thereto, pursuant to art. 3 below. By using the Website, users accept said Conditions and are bound by them. Anyone who does not intend to accept the Conditions and be bound by them must abstain from using the Website.

3. Changes to the Conditions; Closure of the Website; Interruption of Access to the Website; Exclusion of Products or Services from the Website

3.1 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the terms and the measures set forth in the Conditions, or to set new terms and measures regarding access to the Website and the use thereof. These changes and additions immediately become effective upon publication, which may take place through any means, including, but not limited to, the Website. Users accessing the Website subsequent to the publication of changes or additions to the Conditions accept said changes or additions and are bound by them.
3.2 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl also reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to:
a. close the Website;
b. exclude from the Website any product or service described therein;
c. bar some users from accessing the Website.

4. Content of the Website

4.1 The information and the materials published on the Website may contain errors or omissions, or may not be up to date. Cosepuri may, at any time and without prior notice, change, remove or update any information or material published on the Website. The information and materials published on the Website are provided for information only and in no way are binding upon Cosepuri. In no event may Cosepuri be held responsible for news, information and data published on the Website by third parties.

5. Refusal of Access to the Website

5.1 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl reserves the right, at its discretion, to bar any User from access to the Website, with or without reason. 

6. Technical Aspects

6.1 Each User must make proper use of the tools necessary to access Internet and the Website. Access to the Website requires the use of Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or a more recent version, or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 or a more recent version. The best resolution for using the content is 1024X768. JavaScript must also be enabled.

7. Obligation not to interfere with the Functionality of the Website; Obligation not to Damage or Tamper with the Website

7.1 Users must not interfere in any way with the software and the functionality of the Website. By way of example, Users may not introduce into the Website any material that contains computer programming routines (e.g. time bombs, Trojan horses, worms, cancelbots) or other elements liable to damage any system, data or information, or to interfere with the same.  

8. Intellectual Property

8.1 Each User acknowledges that the software used on the Website, the configurations, displays, screenshots and all the information and materials that appear therein or are contained in the Website – including the domain name of Capcosepuri, the 'Capcosepuri' logo and the 'Capcosepuri' name (jointly, the 'Intellectual Property' of Capcosepuri) – are covered by a variety of intellectual property rights, including national and international copyright, trademark rights and confidentiality rights. With regard to Intellectual Property, Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl reserves the right to take any action whatsoever necessary to safeguard the aforesaid rights, including the right to request compensation for any damages suffered or costs/expenses incurred deriving from the infringement of Intellectual Property rights.
8.2 Users undertake not to directly, indirectly, wholly or partially copy or reproduce the aforesaid Intellectual Property using electronic, mechanical or other means or in any way, including, but not limited to, by copying the presentation style, content or organisation of the content, without the prior written consent of Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl. In any case, Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl permits Users to copy the Web pages on their own computer and for their own personal use, without distributing, publishing or retransmitting any information contained on said pages, or to use the information in commercial dealings with third parties.
8.3 Without prejudice to the above, other trademarks and/or intellectual property marks and some information that appears on the Website may be covered by third-party rights. Users undertake to respect these rights and not to infringe them in any way.

9. Websites linked to third parties

9.1 Links to other Internet sites belonging to third parties do not imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval on the part of Cosepuri of the content of said websites, or of the policies or practices implemented therein. Linked sites are not owned, controlled or managed by Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl, and Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl is not responsible for the availability of such websites, the content thereof or the policies or practices implemented therein. Links to other sites are provided for the convenience of Users, who access them at their own risk.  

10. Exclusion of Guarantee

10.1 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl provides no guarantees or assurance of any kind concerning the Website, any other websites linked to it and the content that may appear in either. Furthermore, Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl neither guarantees or provides assurance that:
a. access to any website or use of the same will be uninterrupted or free from errors or omissions;
b. the errors present in a website will be corrected;
c. the websites are free of viruses or other elements liable to cause damage.
By way of example and not by way of limitation, everything present in the Website is made available “as is”, without guarantees of any nature, neither explicit nor implicit. The guarantees and assurances regarding the services sold by Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl are governed by the contractual terms agreed upon by Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl with its clients.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1 Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl shall bear no contractual or extra-contractual liability vis-à-vis Users or third parties for any damage – direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or of any other nature (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, breakdown of commercial negotiations, loss of programs or other data held in IT systems or elsewhere) – that may derive from:
a. access to or use of – or impossibility to access or use – the Website or any websites linked thereto;
b. the content of the Website or any websites linked thereto;
c. the closure of the Website or any websites linked thereto;
d. refusal to grant access to the Website or any websites linked thereto, even when Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl has been explicitly informed of the possibility of the aforesaid damage being caused.

12. Notifications

12.1 Any notifications or material sent to the Website by Users by e-mail or other means, including any questions, comments, suggestions or similar, will be processed in compliance with Law no. 675/96 ('Italian Data Protection Law’), using the means and for the purposes described in the “Information and Consent Document” Users must accept in order to use the Website.
12.2 Users must guarantee that:
a. all the data they provide are correct and up to date
b. they are authorised to supply said data to Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl, which is in turn authorised to use them;
c. the data provided do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

13. Applicable Law - Arbitration

13.1 All aspects of the Conditions  are subject to Italian law.
13.2 The parties agree that any disputes that may arise in relation to the Conditions, including disputes regarding the validity, interpretation and cancellation of the Conditions, shall be resolved by arbitration. The arbitrator shall be the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, or, alternatively, the Court of Florence. 

Sistema di prevenzione e salvaguardia ex D. Lgs. 231/01

In relation to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl has adopted a Code of Ethics, an Organisational Model and a series of procedures to be applied to the areas considered at risk, and has also created a Supervisory Body in order to put in place an adequate system to safeguard the company and prevent the commission of a series of offences liable to imply administrative/criminal liability on  the part of the company.

HACCP self-inspection system

In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 155/97 as amended (HACCP), Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl has adopted the following Self-Inspection Manual.

Measures regarding the safety of workers

In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decrees no. 626/94 and 242/96, in order to comply with the measures regarding safety in the workplace, Capcosepuri-Fiborent Soc.Cons.arl has adopted the appropriate Risk Assessment Documents pertinent to the activities carried out in the offices and garages.